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    5 Gadgets Which Contribute to Your Life in a Great Extent

    How about having a fridge that informs you when you need to visit the grocery shop? Or having a bed that controls your snoring habit and keeps you warm at night? Yes, these are the smart gadgets that can make your life easy and you can invest your time into something creative. There are certain common gadgets like a smartphone, smart TV, etc. in your regular life. But, today time has changed and new gadgets are coming into the scene to make your life even smoother. Today, we are going to talk about 5 gadgets which can make your life easy. Read on to know more-

    1. Light up Charging Cables

    While talking about advanced gadgets, the first thing you can think about the light-up charging cables. When you charge your phone, it feels really irritating to check it repeatedly to know whether your phone has been charged. If you buy light up charging cables, you don’t need to check it repeatedly. The light dims when your phone is charging and it goes off when the charge is done.

    • Forecasting Umbrella

    How about having an umbrella that tells you about the weather so that you can decide what to wear …

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    Jenna Elfman Talks about Accidentally on Purpose: A New Sitcom on CBS

    Jenna Elfman starred in the popular sitcom Dharma and Greg from 1997 to 2002. She has numerous roles on television shows throughout the years. Her latest is the new sitcom Accidentally on Purpose.

    Elfman plays a business woman who broke up with her boss/boyfriend and had a fling with a younger man who lives a different kind of life than she does. But she wants him involved with the baby so she invites him to move in with her and share the experience.

    At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Elfman talked about her career and the new show.

    “[It’s] a true story. The book [on which the show is based] is called ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ written by Mary Pols, and it’s about her life. This [show] is based on a true story.”

    Through the years Elfman has tried numerous other pilots for sitcoms. She kept going, looking for something that was new and fresh.

    Jenna Elfman’s Search For a New Sitcom

    “Because I love comedy so much I was bound and determined to find another great show. I first just want to say how unbelievably grateful I am to be here today because this project is so …

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    Murder Without a Clue

    When 94 year old Ottilie Lundgren of rural Oxford, Connecticut, died on November 21st, the mystery of how she contracted inhalation anthrax became even more of a matter of public health concern than it already was. Now there was a victim, one with no obvious contact with the federal government or others who had been targeted by terrorists, who was dead. A murder victim, as sure as she had been shot through the head, with no motive, no apparent contact with her killer, and no trace of the murder weapon.


    When I used to read mystery stories, those were the three things needed to prove that a murder had actually taken place: motive, opportunity and weapon. Without these, the police could never hope for a solution to the crime. Now in a real life setting, we have an absence of all three of these, yet we have a murder victim. The answer to how this could happen is prompting one of the most significant crime scene searches in history.

    An extensive search of the victim’s home has turned up absolutely no evidence of how she became exposed to anthrax… let alone inhalation anthrax. To catch this disease, you have …

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    William Dietrich and the Adventure-Filled Blood of the Reich

    Using Tibet as a Pawn

    Led by a ruthless adventurer named Kurt Raeder, the Nazis incur the wrath of the British early on as they brazenly traipse through British-held territory in vividly imagined passages highlighting the juxtaposition of the native cultures against the harsh efficiency of the German National Socialists on a mission.

    The taunting goes well beyond general distrust between pre-World War II nations as Raeder’s history with American millionaire Benjamin Hood forces a high stakes game of one-upmanship between the two.


    Hood and Raeder have a personal and professional history, leaving each eager to settle the score left from their joint academic expedition to Asia four years earlier. The previously sociable Hoods eventual disappearance from public view, made known to the reader early in the story, increases the feeling of heightened tension as the two competitive rivals get closer to their mutual destination.

    Contemporary Chase Around the World

    In the present day, Rominy Pickett’s big dreams consist of buying a bungalow, traveling overseas and meeting a nice single man in the wine or spice section at the local Safeway. Her improbably introduction to reporter Jake Barrow changes everything when he reveals her long-hidden identity after a harrowing …

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    Actor Marketing 102: Why Actors are a Dime a Dozen

    The problem is that actors fail to show the director, agent, casting director, etc. the unique talents, skills and experience that they alone can bring to a role. If you don’t show them how you are different and why you are worth their time and money, then you’re less likely to be singled out as the best choice for a role. It’s the difference between being thought of as plain vanilla ice cream and Ben and Jerry’s, Cherry Garcia. Here’s why it’s so important…

    Can I Get Two For the Price of One?

    When a product is used by many people in their daily lives, it becomes a commodityan article of trade or commerce, especially a product, as distinguished from a service. When something becomes a commodity (Think of gasoline, milk, or ice cream), the main reason you buy “Brand A” over “Brand B” is price and price alone. For instance, you don’t care if it comes from Shell, ExxonMobile or the Qwiky Mart; you just want the cheapest gas possible. There are so many actors out there trying to get work that they’ve become a commodity as well. In general, they’re not viewed as unique, or …

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    French Letter Fairtrade Vegan Condoms

    Eco-friendly Gifts and Stocking Fillers

    They contain no animal derivatives so are suitable for vegans, and come stylishly packaged in colourful boxes. You can experiment with four different styles:

    • Stimulating massage (the yellow box) has studs and ribs for extra sensation.
    • Sheer Caress (the blue box) is lighter and thinner for enhanced sensitivity.
    • Linger Lust (the purple box) are fitted with a ring to prolong performance.
    • Aphrodisiac (the pink box) – rose, vanilla, and passionfruit scented condoms.

    French Letter is currently running a promotion on its website, so you can buy four packs for the price of three if you want to try out each style. They make a great gift or stocking filler for a discerning friend or partner.


    What is FairDeal Trading?

    The FairDeal Trading Co is based in Brighton, UK and was set up in 2004 by Dr. Martin Kunz and James Lloyd. Lloyd focuses on development and logistics, and Dr. Kunz deals with promo and product development. They established the first supply chain of fairtrade and FSC-certified rubber by bringing sports balls to the UK, and the product base has now expanded to include trainers, flip flops, and other rubber products such as balloons and …

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    How Budget Deficit Relates to Structural Deficit: Automatic Stabiliser Effects on UK Government Economic Policy

    Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative Party Conferences (Sept-Oct 2009) have been dominated by how the next UK government (elections probably May, latest June 2010)) would deal with the budget deficit, and how much pain would be involved for the average voter. Ensuring voter confidence on this issue is crucial, not just for the political party that gets into power, but for the economic future of the country and the global financial system.

    The key to ensuring voters’ confidence is educating the public about the budget deficit and its relationship to the automatic stabiliser effect and the structural deficit. Any budget deficit is the excess of government spending over tax revenue, and therefore how much the government needs to borrow. According to The Economist (Oct 10th 2009), Britain’s budget deficit is projected to be at least £175 billion in this financial year (to April 2010) – easily its largest ever in peace time.

    The government borrows all the money it needs by selling Government Bonds (almost entirely in the form of Gilt-Edged Stock aka Gilts), mainly to financial institutions in the City of London (pension funds, insurance companies etc.) but also to overseas buyers, especially China and Japan. However, with an …

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    Oprah Celebrates Hometown Heroes Who Help Others: Inspiration to Assist People in Need Takes an Idea and Action

    The Oprah Winfrey Show, broadcast on ABC, feature Hometown Heroes on the May 19, 2009 episode. The Oprah Show, along with People Magazine, celebrated random acts of kindness and acts that are not so random. Everyday people have been inspired with ideas to help marginalized people to get through tough economic times. The Oprah Show told the story of people how help with medical care, houses in foreclosure, cars, bedding for the homeless, soup for the hungry, home heating and shelter.

    ECHO Health Clinic

    Dr. Oz visited ECHO Health Clinic in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which was founded by Dr. Bell. The doctor and a volunteer staff transform a church gymnasium into a full service medical center twice a month. Described as “not high tech, but high touch,” by Dr. Oz; the free clinic provides medical care, prescriptions, counseling and hot meals. There are 46 million people in American without health insurance coverage, so this is an idea that could benefit many communities.

    Foreclosure Angels

    A Dallas woman was inspired to help another woman whose house as in a foreclosure auction but purchasing her house for $30,000 and giving it back to her. This was the origin of Foreclosure Angels, started …

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    Future Predictions with Tarot Card Phone Line: OK's Celebrity Reader Annabelle Shows Callers their Futures

    As a leading tarot card expert, Annabelle does corporate events, personal readings, teaches and writes a weekly column on Tarot, for OK magazine, The Express Newspaper and the Star newspaper and magazine.

    Now, she has introduced her unique Annabelle Tarot phone line to an even wider audience looking for guidance in their life choices.

    It doesn’t matter how the tarot cards are chosen, whether face to face in person, or by pushing a button on the telephone, the cards have an uncanny way of showing the current situation, past issues and most importantly, future outcome.

    Annabelle Guides People through the Tarot Cards

    In the hands of an expert reader like Annabelle her wise interpretation of the tarot cards guides people to unlock the mysteries of the unknown and come to terms with the conscious and unconscious hopes, dreams and fears of the human psyche. When making decisions or facing issues, her skillful readings reveal the truth of the situation being faced.

    Explanation of the Tarot Cards

    The 78 tarot cards are divided into three sections:

    • The first 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards are otherwise known as the Fools Journey, describing the ‘big bang’ moments of our lives from birth