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    5 Gadgets Which Contribute to Your Life in a Great Extent

    How about having a fridge that informs you when you need to visit the grocery shop? Or having a bed that controls your snoring habit and keeps you warm at night? Yes, these are the smart gadgets that can make your life easy and you can invest your time into something creative. There are certain common gadgets like a smartphone, smart TV, etc. in your regular life. But, today time has changed and new gadgets are coming into the scene to make your life even smoother. Today, we are going to talk about 5 gadgets which can make your life easy. Read on to know more-

    1. Light up Charging Cables

    While talking about advanced gadgets, the first thing you can think about the light-up charging cables. When you charge your phone, it feels really irritating to check it repeatedly to know whether your phone has been charged. If you buy light up charging cables, you don’t need to check it repeatedly. The light dims when your phone is charging and it goes off when the charge is done.

    • Forecasting Umbrella

    How about having an umbrella that tells you about the weather so that you can decide what to wear …

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    Future Predictions with Tarot Card Phone Line: OK's Celebrity Reader Annabelle Shows Callers their Futures

    As a leading tarot card expert, Annabelle does corporate events, personal readings, teaches and writes a weekly column on Tarot, for OK magazine, The Express Newspaper and the Star newspaper and magazine.

    Now, she has introduced her unique Annabelle Tarot phone line to an even wider audience looking for guidance in their life choices.

    It doesn’t matter how the tarot cards are chosen, whether face to face in person, or by pushing a button on the telephone, the cards have an uncanny way of showing the current situation, past issues and most importantly, future outcome.

    Annabelle Guides People through the Tarot Cards

    In the hands of an expert reader like Annabelle her wise interpretation of the tarot cards guides people to unlock the mysteries of the unknown and come to terms with the conscious and unconscious hopes, dreams and fears of the human psyche. When making decisions or facing issues, her skillful readings reveal the truth of the situation being faced.

    Explanation of the Tarot Cards

    The 78 tarot cards are divided into three sections:

    • The first 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards are otherwise known as the Fools Journey, describing the ‘big bang’ moments of our lives from birth
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    The Legend of Zelda: A History: Link Has Been with Nintendo for over 20 Years

    The Legend of Zelda has been one of Nintendo's most popular series of games for years. The success of the game, especially with people who favor the more traditional RPGs is easy to understand, considering they use many of the same themes, most notably character development and puzzle solving.

    The history of the action adventure roleplaying game started with the release of The Legend of Zelda, but the action-adventure role playing game did not gain popularity on other consoles until the release of the Playstation, where Parasite Eve for the Playstation and a number of Xbox games used elements that were first used in The Legend of Zelda.

    The History of Hyrule Begins

    The 8-bit glory that started the Zelda franchise made history when it was released in 1987. The Legend of Zelda was the first role playing game to require a small amount of coordination and incorporated elements of more traditional games. Keeping the role playing genre in mind, game play was non-linear. Gone from The Legend of Zelda were hit points and interruptions from random monsters while traversing through the game world.

    The Super Nintendo's Zelda Game: A Link to the Past

    The next chapter in …

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    Redesign Your Mailbox Post: How to Replace a Wooden Post with a Stone Column

    Many mailbox posts are constructed with a store-bought wooden post inserted in the ground. It is functional but doesn't add anything to the yard. In this project, we will be cementing medium-sized river rocks to the wooden post all the way around. It will add color, texture, dimension as well as weight and strength.

    Materials Needed:

    • Medium river rocks (3-4 inches)
    • Disposable mixing container
    • Disposable stir stick
    • Water
    • Rubber gloves
    • Liquid nails
    • Concrete (med/fine mix)
    • Ziploc bag
    • Scissors
    • Sponge
    • Optional-polyeurathane and brush


    1. Clean off the post with warm soapy water.
    2. Allow to dry for about an hour.
    3. Wash the rocks in warm soapy water and lay out to dry.

    Turning Your Wooden Post into a Stone Column

    1. Beginning at the bottom of the post, liquid-glue the first rock to the base of your post.
    2. Continue gluing all of the rocks onto the post leaving space in between for concrete.
    3. If you are having difficulty getting your rocks to stay while the glue dries wrap a piece of masking tape around the rocks and pole at that spot to hold them in place. Do not use duct tape. It will be difficult to remove it without disturbing the rocks.
    4. Once
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    How Green is Your Gadget?

    For some people, the ideas come from organic beer. The outbreak of green advertisement purports on something had been paid attention from electronics to alcohol in recent years. So as vice president of the consulting firm Terra Choice Environ mental Marketing, Scot Case dispatched researchers to investigate whether company claims were verifiable. The result: Only one of roughly 1,000 products examined in 2017 passed muster. How am I, as a consumer, to know what’s accurate?

    We wondered the same thing. Like many industries, consumer-electronics companies have been hit hard by the retail recession. But Americans, always eager to cut utility- bills, say they’re still willing to spend on green. A recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association found that 33 percent of consumers expect to buy some kind of energy-saving device by the end of next year. And tech companies aren’t sitting idle. New computers from Apple and Asus have been specially designed to be more recyclable, and Philips, which makes electronics including mp3 players and flat-screen TVs, aims to have at least 30 percent of its sales coming from “green products” within the next four years. But with eco-friendly claims tough to verify, we put some of the most …

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    Sanitize Your Gadgets

    Wondering how to sanitize a few of your most-used gadgets? Before you take them to a specialist who’ll charge you and arm and leg, try cleaning them yourself. You can make your gadgets sparkle again with minimum elbow grease with the right products.

    If you got the new iPad, you probably know by now this device can collect dust and other debris. Keep the screen and casing clean by using a micro fiber cloth like the ones used on eyeglasses. For spots and sticky stuff, dampen one end of this product in water and go over the area. Avoid using fancy sprays with chemicals because they can leave permanent marks on your iPad.

    DVD skipping? Sanitize your gadget by with a micro fiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. With this duo, you can rub without damaging the back of the DVD. For stubborn fingerprints, apply alcohol. On visible scratches, dab toothpaste and rub gently from the center to the edge to remove.

    If you walk around with a MP3 in your hand, you might look young and cool – unless it’s dirty. Bust through the filth covering your MP3 with rubbing alcohol. Just apply this product with …