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    What a Year for Detroit Politics

    The city of Detroit is known by many monikers, including Motor City and the most controversial, Murder City. These aliases have found a permanent place in the hearts and minds of those who reside in the city as well as those who are on the outside looking in. However, with the recent wave of political corruption that has blanketed my beloved Detroit, there are more monikers to come.

    As a life-long Detroiter I dread every time me and my fellow Detroiters have to deal with our name being dragged through the mud on account of our politicians. Although, I have my reservations as well as my liking toward some of them, I cannot overlook the fact that they have and continue to engage in corruption that is both embarrassing and disheartening.

    With the demise of the Kwame Kilpatrick administration to the Monica Conyers’ Synagro scandal, it is crazy how in less than a year we have to watch two politicians fall to disgrace. In exercising my right to vote I try to choose those politicians who encompass the most passion and commitment. However, this tactic seems to have failed me as I voted for both of these politicians based …

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    Hollywood and Politics

    Do politics and comedy mix well? I suppose the answer to this question depends mostly if you are a comedian making fun of politicians and their gaffes, or if you are a politician trying to be a comedian. The relationship between Hollywood and politicians has always been love/hate. Many comedians privately acknowledged that having George W. Bush as president has provided a renewable source of fodder for jokes. So far, Obama has not proved to be such a rich source of material.

    At the recent White House Correspondents Association Dinner, President Obama attempted to get a few laughs of his own. One joke, which has even some liberal pundits raising their eyebrows, described using predator drones to go after the Jonas Brothers should they get any “ideas” about his teenage daughters. I sort of winced when I heard this as it sounded odd coming from the mouth of the Commander in Chief of the world’s remaining super power. A super power which is currently involved in two controversial wars abroad.

    I remember when George W. Bush first started becoming really unpopular, and it was due to goofy and off-the-cuff moments when he appeared less than presidential. Such as when making …

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    How My Budget and My Politics Are Related

    The amount of money my family has in our budget not only dictates what we buy and what we don’t buy, it also dictates my political beliefs and my voting habits. I do the best I can to vote for the candidates that will improve my family’s financial situation and feels the same way I do about other issues. Because we are in no way rich most people would think that I vote for liberal democrat candidates. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve learned that the more conservative republicans the lawmakers are, the more my family’s financial situation improves. What those conservative republicans believe in makes my life and the life of my family better.

    Smaller Government – I am a firm believer that the smaller the government, the better my financial situation. It is common sense to me – the less government interferes with my life the more control I have to make my own decisions about everything, including my money. Despite what politicians say, I know that I am more “tuned in” to the financial needs of my family and I have the right to make the financial decisions for my family.

    Taxes – Unlike most …