French Letter Fairtrade Vegan Condoms

Eco-friendly Gifts and Stocking Fillers

They contain no animal derivatives so are suitable for vegans, and come stylishly packaged in colourful boxes. You can experiment with four different styles:

  • Stimulating massage (the yellow box) has studs and ribs for extra sensation.
  • Sheer Caress (the blue box) is lighter and thinner for enhanced sensitivity.
  • Linger Lust (the purple box) are fitted with a ring to prolong performance.
  • Aphrodisiac (the pink box) – rose, vanilla, and passionfruit scented condoms.

French Letter is currently running a promotion on its website, so you can buy four packs for the price of three if you want to try out each style. They make a great gift or stocking filler for a discerning friend or partner.


What is FairDeal Trading?

The FairDeal Trading Co is based in Brighton, UK and was set up in 2004 by Dr. Martin Kunz and James Lloyd. Lloyd focuses on development and logistics, and Dr. Kunz deals with promo and product development. They established the first supply chain of fairtrade and FSC-certified rubber by bringing sports balls to the UK, and the product base has now expanded to include trainers, flip flops, and other rubber products such as balloons and French Letter condoms.

Rubber production isn’t generally fairly traded or ethically sourced, which can lead to worker and environmental exploitation. FairDeal products ensure that extra money is paid to the communities producing the goods so that they are sustainable, happy, and have a good standard of living and education.

The Rise in STIs For Over-50s

Recent news stories about the rise in sexually transmitted infections for the over-50s in the UK has led to the first advertising campaign by the FPA (Family Planning Association charity) to improve the sexual health of this age group. Condoms are an essential part of safe sex, and can be fun and enjoyable to use. French Letter is a premium brand that makes quality products with minimal impact on the environment. I recommend using them with a good quality water-based lubricant such as Yes organic.

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