Future Predictions with Tarot Card Phone Line: OK's Celebrity Reader Annabelle Shows Callers their Futures

As a leading tarot card expert, Annabelle does corporate events, personal readings, teaches and writes a weekly column on Tarot, for OK magazine, The Express Newspaper and the Star newspaper and magazine.

Now, she has introduced her unique Annabelle Tarot phone line to an even wider audience looking for guidance in their life choices.

It doesn’t matter how the tarot cards are chosen, whether face to face in person, or by pushing a button on the telephone, the cards have an uncanny way of showing the current situation, past issues and most importantly, future outcome.

Annabelle Guides People through the Tarot Cards

In the hands of an expert reader like Annabelle her wise interpretation of the tarot cards guides people to unlock the mysteries of the unknown and come to terms with the conscious and unconscious hopes, dreams and fears of the human psyche. When making decisions or facing issues, her skillful readings reveal the truth of the situation being faced.

Explanation of the Tarot Cards

The 78 tarot cards are divided into three sections:

  • The first 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards are otherwise known as the Fools Journey, describing the ‘big bang’ moments of our lives from birth to death.

The remaining cards are divided into four suits based on the four elements:

  • The Minor Arcana show the detailed stories of life and each of the four suits are numbered one through ten. Swords: air and intellect. Cups: water and feelings or emotions. Wands: fire and inspiration, and Pentacles: earth and the material world of money and responsibility.
  • The 16 Court Cards represent the people and personalities of the pack, consisting of Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings, in all four suits.

Annabelle Choosing Cards for Clients on the Phone Gives Positive Results

Annabelle literally dreamed up the idea of her unique tarot phone line.

Many clients were telephoning her for advice and giving very positive feedback on having the cards chosen for them. Thus she knew that the phone would be instrumental in making her readings available to a wider audience.

Most computer readings were very limited by only having the 78 cards in one position, but Annabelle created a programme that would harness the cards' full potential.

The Annabelle Tarot Line Resulted from a Dream

The answer came to her as she slept; the unconscious is a powerful tool. Awaking, she told her husband how she would set about recording and reading the cards in past/present/future/negative/advise positions, in general/emotional and work modes.This meant that any question can be put to the cards and an accurate, detailed answer given, all written and recorded personally by Annabelle. This unique programme is unparalleled in the world of tarot.

She realised she had her work cut out and spent a year perfecting the telephone line. Now up and running in the U.K. it is possible to use the tarot card phone line to do general, work related and specific emotional spreads. The method used is a combination of Tarot/Numerology/Life Coaching and Jungian based psychotherapy, all delivered in a calm insightful manner. When looking for guidance this is a very effective tool.

The Annabelle tarot line has proved immensely successful helping numerous people reach self-enlightenment to focus on their strengths through her insightful interpretation of the cards.

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