How My Budget and My Politics Are Related

The amount of money my family has in our budget not only dictates what we buy and what we don’t buy, it also dictates my political beliefs and my voting habits. I do the best I can to vote for the candidates that will improve my family’s financial situation and feels the same way I do about other issues. Because we are in no way rich most people would think that I vote for liberal democrat candidates. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve learned that the more conservative republicans the lawmakers are, the more my family’s financial situation improves. What those conservative republicans believe in makes my life and the life of my family better.

Smaller Government – I am a firm believer that the smaller the government, the better my financial situation. It is common sense to me – the less government interferes with my life the more control I have to make my own decisions about everything, including my money. Despite what politicians say, I know that I am more “tuned in” to the financial needs of my family and I have the right to make the financial decisions for my family.

Taxes – Unlike most people, I do not mind paying taxes. I understand that the roads need to be paved, children need to be educated (even though we homeschool at no cost to the government) and our military needs to insure our national security. The problem I have with taxes is how my money is misused and abused. Instead of my taxes paying for what the government needs, it seems to be used to pay for some of the most outrageous items we do not need. Instead of my tax dollars paying for those outrageous items, that money could be kept in my budget for items my family needs and wants.

Entitlements – I am opposed to most entitlements that I am forced to pay for from my tax money. I understand that there are times when people need a hand up (I’ve been there), but there are times those hand ups turn into hand outs. The system for helping those in need is easily manipulated and those who are not actually in need are getting services are receiving them. That is a waste of my money that would be better spent letting me take care of my family.

Debt – The national debt has a huge impact on my family’s financial situation. Raising the debt ceiling seems like a stupid idea to me. It doesn’t work for my family and I don’t understand how it can work for an entire country. When my family is in debt, we don’t go deeper in debt to pay for the original debt. That only digs us into a deeper hole. When my family has no money in the bank, we don’t keep writing checks to buy things. The deeper in debt our country gets, the more things costs – stretching my limited budget even further.

Perhaps I vote selfishly, looking out for my family. However, I believe that if it will work for my family, it will work for other families and improve the lives of everyone. My goal when I vote is to keep as much money for family as possible, allowing us to decide how to spend it (putting it back into the country’s economy) instead of it going to the government for who knows what. If every family did that, things would improve.

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