Sanitize Your Gadgets

Wondering how to sanitize a few of your most-used gadgets? Before you take them to a specialist who’ll charge you and arm and leg, try cleaning them yourself. You can make your gadgets sparkle again with minimum elbow grease with the right products.

If you got the new iPad, you probably know by now this device can collect dust and other debris. Keep the screen and casing clean by using a micro fiber cloth like the ones used on eyeglasses. For spots and sticky stuff, dampen one end of this product in water and go over the area. Avoid using fancy sprays with chemicals because they can leave permanent marks on your iPad.

DVD skipping? Sanitize your gadget by with a micro fiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. With this duo, you can rub without damaging the back of the DVD. For stubborn fingerprints, apply alcohol. On visible scratches, dab toothpaste and rub gently from the center to the edge to remove.

If you walk around with a MP3 in your hand, you might look young and cool – unless it’s dirty. Bust through the filth covering your MP3 with rubbing alcohol. Just apply this product with a cotton swab and go to work. Follow-up with a soft, dry rag until your MP3 shines.

Cell Phones 
Got lipstick and hairspray on your cell phone? Sanitize your gadget with a moist toilette. Keep one in your wallet or purse at all times. Then, as the gunk starts to build up, wipe. If you give your cell phone an once-over every week, it’ll stay fresh looking longer. Also, you won’t have a problem of any of those tiny keys sticking together.

Remote Controls 
If your remote control appears dull and lackluster, it’s because of the oil build-up from your hands. Remove this type of filth with a cotton swab dipped in astringent. Just as with your face, this combo will remove oil and leave the surface clean. Polish off the surface with a dry paper towel.

Computer Keyboards 
Dust and grime building up on your computer keyboard? Sanitize your gadget with canned air and Purell hand wipes. Tip your keyboard to the side and use the canned air to blow out the debris and dust. Afterward, go over and between buttons to remove germs and sticky stuff.

Ready to attack the gadgets in your house? Sanitize them yourself and save money. Your items will last longer and appear new.

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