Texas Board of Education is Rewriting History

This past Friday the Texas Board of Education voted in favor of altering state history books with the goal of incorporating more conservative ideals. To be fair, not all of the changes are overly controversial, but many are decidedly biased.

For instance, the board elected to add more information about Judeo-Christian influences of the Founding Fathers, but to remove all references to the Constitution’s statement that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. Along those same lines, Thomas Jefferson will be removed from the textbooks, including his assertions regarding what he termed the “separation of church and state”. Instead, mentions of Jefferson have been replaced with John Calvin, a religious icon.

I don’t care who you are. It shouldn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal, Christian or atheist. History is just that – history. And changing how it’s recorded is just plain wrong. Altering how we teach future generations based on a bias or agenda of any kind is doing a great disservice to our children and our country.

A great man once said, “History, by appraising…[the students] of the past, will enable them to judge of the future”. But wait – that great man was Thomas Jefferson, so just ignore that statement.

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