What a Year for Detroit Politics

The city of Detroit is known by many monikers, including Motor City and the most controversial, Murder City. These aliases have found a permanent place in the hearts and minds of those who reside in the city as well as those who are on the outside looking in. However, with the recent wave of political corruption that has blanketed my beloved Detroit, there are more monikers to come.

As a life-long Detroiter I dread every time me and my fellow Detroiters have to deal with our name being dragged through the mud on account of our politicians. Although, I have my reservations as well as my liking toward some of them, I cannot overlook the fact that they have and continue to engage in corruption that is both embarrassing and disheartening.

With the demise of the Kwame Kilpatrick administration to the Monica Conyers’ Synagro scandal, it is crazy how in less than a year we have to watch two politicians fall to disgrace. In exercising my right to vote I try to choose those politicians who encompass the most passion and commitment. However, this tactic seems to have failed me as I voted for both of these politicians based on what I believed to be good merit. As a voter I try to educate myself on those who I am voting for and not rely on name recognition. Although, I have to say the Conyers name is a prominent name in Detroit politics. It is a shame that John Conyers has to endure the scrutiny and burden of his wife.

As citizens we give politicians power to act on behalf of our civil liberties. Therefore, the right to vote them into office is a very significant one. When they abuse their power for their own selfish gain then they should have to suffer the consequences. I do have my opinion on some of the consequences they have to endure because 
I am as forgiving as the next person. However, there are some who do not learn from their mistakes and they have to be made examples of. From Richard Nixon, Marion Barry and Rod Blagojevich, public officials have always proven to be untrustworthy. Why they continue to do so knowing that they could eventually get caught is unbeknownst to me. Moreover, with the recent crackdown on the city of Detroit public officials, I hope that there is a hesitance in the mind of those who plan on making a corruptible life-changing decision.

When the FBI came calling to members of Detroit City Council, they had no choice but to be as truthful as they could given the fact that they had taped phone conversations, witnesses, etc. The same with the Kwame Kilpatrick’s “Sex and Text Scandal.” They could not deny the concrete evidence. Moreover, for this election year in Detroit, I hope that when the citizens come calling, the politicians will finally elect to do close to the right thing. Call me cynical but I do not trust any politician. I just try to have a little faith. I also hope that this time when I decide to enter the poll booth, my idea of passion and commitment will take me further than it has since I was old enough to vote.

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